This step includes the comprehensive preparation of working drawings that are needed to build the structure.

Here is the short list of the required drawings:  Cover Sheet, Building Schedules, Building Notes, Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations, Foundation Plan, Floor Framing Plans, Deck Framing Plans, Roof Framing Plan, Structural Sections, Structural Details, Interior Elevations, Electrical Plans, Roof Plan, Shear (Seismic) Plans, Fire Sprinkler Plans, Drainage Plans, Topography Maps, Site Plans, Erosion Control Plans (sometimes placed upon the site plan), Demo Plan.

Once the structural elements of these plans are done, they are then sent to a structural engineer for analysis.  The structural engineer performs structural calculations to assure that the design in question is able to withstand the siesmic, lateral, and gravity loads as dictated by current building codes.  Also needed is the truss calcuations (if a truss roof is to be used).  These are usually prepared by a truss manufacturer.

If the structure is a residence (or an addition to a residence), it requires another set of calcuations called the Title-24 Energy Documentation.  This set of documents is a mandatory measure by the State of California to assure it is designed to meet minimum energy efficient standards.

As can be deducted, ‘Construction Drawings’ is the lions share of the work.  Thorough, precise, accurate plans take time to develop.  Fenton Design Associates does not submit any plan that it deems incomplete.  We take pride in issuing plans that are highly legible, accurate and thorough.